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The question of the twenty first century that people ask themselves before diving into a career or a major life decision is: What am I most passionate about? Without hesitation I answer: Travel!

I got bit by the travel bug at an early age and since then have been itching it through thirty-five countries. Finally, about seven years ago on my Latin American sojourn, I met my husband in Guatemala and he convinced me to settle down in Costa Rica - one of the best decisions of my life. Since becoming a wife and a mommy to an amazing four year old, my travel adventures and experiences have drastically changed. It's not about me anymore. Its all about the kid!

Nowadays, my way of thinking goes something like this: How can I do all that I want to do while keeping my little boy stimulated, excited and not a pain in the you-know-what! With each experience I have learned a lot, and one sure thing I have discovered is that Costa Rica is one of the most child-friendly countries I'd ever been to. And I can safely say that my son and I have been to our share already (his passport has been stamped more than the average American's in a lifetime by the age of four:)

My other passion is writing! All the content and articles have been written with first hand experience, B.C. (before child) and A.C. (after child). There is so much to do in Costa Rica, with kid or without, that you'll find your head spinning a bit in the beginning. But rest assured, its all good. is here to help! We'll guide you through any questions you may have, all your bookings and reservations, plus whatever else comes to mind. 

Also, check out my book about Costa Rica: Turtle Feet, Surfer's Beat.

Happy travelings!

Marina Kuperman
Costa Rica: 011-506-8879-1942

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